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The Unipod.

The fantastic Unipod. Buy one. You know you want to!

The Unipod is one of the most sensible upgrades for your hard-working RiscPC or A7000. It adds USB and speeds up disc/network access in one easy and cost effective upgrade.

For RiscPC and A7000

Your choice of USB, Network, IDE functions
Unipod IIIStuart Tyrell DevelopmentsThe Unipod III has two USB ports, one 100Mbit Ethernet port and two internal EIDE sockets (allows 4 IDE devices) that operate over twice as fast as the motherboard IDE.$280Yes
Unipod IIStuart Tyrell DevelopmentsThe Unipod regular has two functions available of your choice. Usually we supply these with the USB and IDE functions. The 3rd function can be enabled at any time via a simple software upgrade.askSpecial Order
Unipod IStuart Tyrell DevelopmentsUnipod I has only one function (your choice) enabled, but can be upgraded to II or III configuration at any time via a simple software upgrade.$askSpecial order
  • The Unipod is a standard Acorn style expansion podule, so it will also fit into an A5000, A540, and the A310 and A410 range. Webmonster has not tried a Unipod in one of these machines, so we can't say how well it works.
  • A podule backplane is required to run any podules. Webmonster has backplanes in stock for RiscPCs, but we can obtain backplanes for other machines.
  • A7000/A7000+ can have either a backplane or a CDROM drive fitted. External CDROMs can be run via USB, of course.

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