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Slices - case expansion for RiscPCs

A RiscPC with 4 slices for expansion

Webmonster's 4-slice RiscPC

For RiscPC only

Slices - for housing more drives or podules and things...
Extra sliceAcornThe RiscPC sports a brilliant modular case, allowing you to have a small case or a large one. Simply add extra 'slices' when you require more space for more stuff. It is recommended that you obtain correct case pins for the number of slices you have (see below)Yes
Case pins - for securing slices
1-slice case pinsAcorn1-slice case pins for a lean, mean RiscPC with room for only 2 drives and space for two podules.Yes
2-slice case pinsAcorn2-slice case pins allow you to secure two slices in total to your RiscPC.Yes
3-slice case pinsAcorn3-slice case pins allow you to secure three slices in total to your RiscPC.Maybe
4-slice case pinsAcornAs shown in the main photo above. 4 slices. Yeah!Maybe
Backplane - for connecting podules
2-slot backplanceAcornAllows you to connect 2 podules (the max. for a single slice RiscPC).$10Brand New
4-slot backplanceAcornAllows you to connect 4 podules. Needs at least a 2-slice RiscPC. Yes
6-slot backplanceAcornAllows you to connect 6 podules. Needs at least a 3-slice RiscPC, and an extra PSU would be advisable.Maybe
Case feet - to turn your RiscPC into a tower
RiscPC feet (set of 4)AcornThese allow your RiscPC to sit upright. 2-slice RiscPC (or more) is recommended for stability.$5Yes
  • RiscPCs have been seen with more than 4 slices. Do a search for RiscPC Rocketship to see Peter Bondar's 10-slice RiscPC (including pizza oven!)
  • Extra slices make cooling more inefficient - Webmonster recommends a podule slot fan if you have 2 or more slices.

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