RISC OS systems


For RiscPC era computers (1994-2004)

ARM cpus
kinetic cpu for Acorn RiscPCs
Castle TechnologyUp to 3-4 times faster than a StrongARM (rev. T). Comes with 64Mb of SDRAM and RISC OS 4.03 ROMs. Slight minus - it limits DMA transfers.Lots.Maybe
StrongARM cpu for Acorn RiscPCs
AcornWith this your RiscPC will run 5-10 times faster than with an ARM710! Needs RISC OS 3.7 ROMs or better (4.39 is the latest, and recommended!). Rev.T allows for 'lazy task swapping' (gives added speed) if you have RISC OS 4 or better.NZ$varies - from the UKYes
ARM710 cpu for Acorn RiscPCs
AcornRuns 40% faster than the 610 (a useful increase). A straight swapNZ$30No
ARM610 cpu for Acorn RiscPCs
AcornThe original cpu for the RiscPC600. Solid as. A useful stand-in if your StrongARM cpu dies...NZ$20Yes
x86 cpus (for RiscPC only)
586 cpu for Acorn RiscPCs
Acorn or CJE MicrosThe best x86 cpu card for RiscPCs. Comes in 100MHz and 133MHz flavours. The CJE version has 512KB cache and is the fastest. CJE card - still available new! - ask Others: NZ$20Yes
486 cpu for Acorn RiscPCs
AcornVarious flavours and speeds, from 66Mhz to 100Mhz. The x86 card was a very clever idea, but very expensive to implement and limited to using 32MB only, so up to Windows95 is possible.100MHz version - $10, others - cost of P+PYes
  • RiscPC cpus are easy to upgrade - simply take the existing cpu card out and push in the replacement one!
  • There are no processor upgrades available for the A7000(+) range, Mico or RiscStation.
  • There are limited numbers of A7000+ motherboards available with the faster (and floating point enabled) 7500FE processor for A7000s. Probably cheaper to buy one of our 2nd hand RiscPCs.
  • RiscStations can have considerably improved performance thanks to faster RAM upgrades.
  • Kinetic or StrongARM processors can be upclocked to c.280MHz. You can do this at your own risk, or we can arrange to get it done with a 1 year warranty. Note: timing problems *may* occur on your RiscPC if you upclock it.

Processors for pre-RiscPC/A7000 computers (1987-1993)

ARM3Lots of companiesProcessor upgrade for the classic Archimedes range A310, A410, A3000 etc. (1987-1991) from ARM2.?? depends if I can get them!Maybe
  • A5000 has ARM3 cpu already
  • A4000 cpu can't be upgraded.
  • Pre-RiscPC upgrades are more difficult and require soldering etc.

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