Some stuff for the Unipod

This information will (probably) only work with the Unipod and USB podule made by Stuart Tyrell Developments.

No guarantees are made as to the suitability or quality of these definitions and no responsibility is taken if they don't work correctly etc. etc.
Having said that, they've worked flawlessly for Webmonster, so they must be good ;-)

Time to get started, eh?

Download this little obey file (Spark archive) to your harddrive and run it. It will open the MassFS directory. If it fails then you haven't installed MassFS correctly.
Archive for OpenMassFSdir obey file

Make a copy of the OtherDevs file, calling it (say) OtherDevsOrig
Open OtherDevs, scroll to the bottom and cut+paste the appropriate definitions (see below).
Close and save, reboot the machine and off you go!

The Definitions

(also available in Archive of USB definitions this Spark file)
# Device: FujiFilm camera S3500
# Submitted by Webmonster
#Fuji FinePix A205S
# Device: Laser brand 128MB memory stick
# Submitted by Webmonster